Home in Redondo. Fall 2014.
Love my Jaguar. Spring 2013.
On the floor for no reason. Spring 2013.
Brie = Love.
They Stole My Crayon in the desert, June 2012.
Patio jam. Spring 2012.
Performing at Key West in Second Life®.
JTree with Jess. March 2013.
Zak band, 2009.
Cats don't care. Fall 2012.
Front porch. Fall 2012
My famous Cincinnati Chili.
Being attacked by my Zak band (Phil O'Keefe, Bunny Knutson, and Ken Lee), 2008.
In my roooooom. Spring 2013.
I look annoyed. Fall 2012.
With Bunny in the desert. June 2012.
Waiting for the worms, May 2012.
Sneak hunts a bug. Spring 2013.
Bunny in 2008, putting down drums for the ZC album.
My delicious shrimp salad.
With Jared in Tacoma, 2008.
Annular solar eclipse, 2012.
Performing in the virtual world of Second Life®, 2012.
Garden spider, 2012.
Getting wacky at Casa Rosita, 2013.
The Moop.
With Bunny in JTree.
My steak au poivre.
Rocking with Liquid, August 2012
Performing in Second Life®, 2013.
Drunk in San Francisco with Bunny. Fall 2006.
Album release party, December 2009.
With Jess and Kat, 2009.
With Lee and Lyle, 2009.
My digital self.
In the studio, 2010.
Probably my favorite studio shot, by Ken Lee. Sound Sanctuary, 2008.